CAM provides those experiencing homelessness with access to shelter and housing resources

Our Mission
CAM’s vision is to orchestrate a community response that creates an accessible, efficient path to housing for households facing homelessness.

In our Coordinated Entry System, locally known as CAM, service providers use a shared information system and work together to triage, assess, and prioritize your needs consistently to get the support you need. It is designed so that you and your family are arranged and matched with the appropriate resources as quickly as possible based on your vulnerability and severity of needs.

It is a system within Detroit’s Continuum of Care (CoC) that was implemented in September 1, 2023 by the following agencies:

Purpose of a Coordinated Entry System
  • Create a consistent, streamlined process for accessing the resources available in the homelessness response system
  • Prioritize resources for the highest need, most vulnerable households
  • Ensure housing and supportive services are used as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Transform network of independently operating projects to fully integrated crisis response system

Learn more about Coordinated Entry on the HUD Exchange website

CAM Governance

As the governing body for the Continuum of Care (CoC), the CoC Board is responsible for operating an effective coordinated entry system that is in compliance with requirements established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Board has established the CAM Governance Committee which is responsible for direct oversight of CAM and for bring coordinated entry policy level recommendations to the Board.

The CAM Governance Committee provides oversight and guidance to the implementation of Coordinated Entry for the Detroit CoC. The Committee works to ensure CAM operates effectively, efficiently, and equitably, guided by and accountable to people with lived experience of homelessness (PWLEH) and the community. The Committee makes recommendations to the CoC Board on policy and system level changes and improvements.

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