Shelter Prioritization Changes

Accessing Shelter is Changing

Starting on January 29, 2024, Detroit’s CoC entry for shelter access will look a little different

What to expect?

  • If you are experiencing a housing crisis and are in need of somewhere safe to stay, you can get assistance by contacting CAM.
  • CAM staff will discuss your housing crisis and explore alternative housing solutions with you. If it is determined that shelter is needed, CAM staff will collect your information and add you to the “need shelter list”. CAM will contact households as space becomes available. Please note that available shelter beds are limited and change daily and shelter placements will likely not happen the same day.

What is changing?

  • Moving forward, only households on the “need shelter list” will be considered for a shelter referral. As shelter space becomes available, CAM will refer households based on immediate safety concerns and risks.

If you have general questions, please email, and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate party.

Please note that email response may not be immediate and the best way to contact CAM if you are experiencing homelessness is by call or presenting to an in-person access point.

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How do I contact CAM?

CAM can be contacted in 4 ways:

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